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(Photo credit: Chloe Ramirez Photography)

(Photo credit: Chloe Ramirez Photography)


My Story...

Hi! My name is Sylvia Jones. I am a wife to a loving husband and a mother to two amazing children, Londyn and Onyx. I was raised by two dedicated parents who immigrated to the states in their twenties and worked harder than anyone I know to pave a successful future for my sister and me.  In doing so, I was always encouraged to work hard in school and graduate at the top of my class with a career path that would "guarantee" longevity.  Fast forward 24 years and that is how I ended up graduating from Rush University with a Masters Degree in Speech-language Pathology (2009) and awards for academic, as well as clinical, excellence. Even with all of my achievements, I always had a passion for portrait and lifestyle photography. When my daughter was born in 2014, my interest in photography grew with the desire to learn and begin to document her life in an artistic way.  I see beauty in everything "family." From bumps, to babies, to milestones and more, there is no way to describe the authentic moments I strive to capture for each family during every shoot. Each family has their own story to tell, and I would love to be able to help you write yours.